Annabella Schnabel

Film Director & Screenwriter

Annabella Schnabel is an award-winning Film Director and Screenwriter, living and creating in Budapest.

From early on, she loved to write short stories and play the piano in her free time. During her teenage years, she started to play the trumpet in Füzes Youth Brass Band for 10 years – and through film music, she has fallen in love with film. By the time she turned 17, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick and Lars von Trier’s films had made a deep impact on her.

In 2015, she graduated with a Film Studies BA at Eötvös Lóránd University, where she studied Film history and Aesthetics from an academic point of view. However, she started to make films here too, and she felt an instant spark by it.

Therefore in 2018, she graduated with a Producer BA at the most prestigious film institute in Hungary: at University of Theatre and Film Arts.

During this time, her teachers had been encouraging her creative potential in storytelling, so she had continued on Film Directing MA in the same school.

In 2020, she graduated with a Film Directing MA at University of Theatre and Film Arts. Her short film, Mom’s Cat (2021) has premiered at the A-listed Moscow Filmfestival, and since then, it has been screened several prestigious Academy Awards qualifying festivals worldwide, hence it got eligible for the 2023 Student Academy Awards submission.

Her previous award-winning short films – ‘It’s a Match!’ and ‘Referral’ – portrays an authentic, dark-humor filled world, where her recurring topics are: ‘humans as animals vs. animals as humans’, malfunctioning society structures and female roles.

Currently she is developing her first feature film in the Hungarian Film Fund’s Talent Lab program, called Incubator 8.0, and she is making her first animation short in the support of the Filmjus Institute.